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LOST 6X01 (LA X Part 1) & 6X02 (LA X Part 2)

Time for my thoughts on this week's episode. There are numerous sites that do recaps so I'm not going to necessarily do that, but I am going to share my thoughts on what happened.

The icon paintings in my LOST posts for this season were painted by Scott Erickson of The Transpire Project for Chris Seay's book The Gospel According to LOST.


Season 6, Episode 1 & Episode 2 - LA X Part 1 & LA X Part 2
~So excited that Season 6 has finally arrived. Yet there is a bit of sadness in knowing that we are only a short time away from the end of LOST. The beginning of the end...
~This whole parallel timeline thing is interesting. Especially when Miles tells Sawyer that Juliette was going to tell him that exploding the bomb worked. So, are they trying to tell us that once a parallel timeline begins, it has to continue regardless of the change it made in the original timeline? If so, there must be millions if not billions of parallel timelines.
~I loved seeing so many of the older characters that we haven't seen in seasons. It gives one a wicked sense of deja vu though!
~Do you think any of those in this new parallel timeline will ever remember the original timeline? Jack definitely seems to be feeling the deja vu!
~What was with the whole cartoony effect of the island underwater in the parallel timeline? Are they trying to tell us that something happened to the island a long time prior in this parallel timeline? Very confusing!
~In the original timeline, we are now back to the present time, so the bomb had some kind of effect, just not the one they were hoping for.
~In the parallel timeline, almost everyone seems to have opposite characteristics than from the original timeline. The one major exception is John Locke. He is still paralyzed & in a wheelchair. I wonder what else is the same about him.
~Not John is totally creeping me out. He is one messed up guy (or whatever he is).
~Poor Ben, tricked by Not John. The look of shock on Ben's face throughout this whole episode made me think that finally Ben is showing he is human. He realizes that what he has done is so totally wrong!
~How cool was Sayid in the parallel timeline. "Can I be of any assistance?" and then, wham!, he kicks the door in! Love Sayid!
~So we finally find out that the smoke monster is a manifestation of Not John. I would venture to be fairly certain that Christian Shepherd is also a manifestation as well as Eko's brother.
~One of the best lines of the whole night was when Not John tells Ben, "I'm sorry you had to see me like that!" after he changes back into Not John from being the smoke monster.
~Juliette & Sawyer is one of those beautiful relationships like Desmond & Penny. I'm going to miss Juliette! (although, with this show, I can never count anyone out, she might be back somehow)
~In the parallel timeline, Charlie tells Jack that he was supposed to die. Wonder if he has some insight into what really happened. Was he trying to die now so he wouldn't have to go through losing Claire & dying by drowning?
~And then, THE OTHER OTHERS!!!!!! Wow!
~Kate in the parallel timeline is one scary lady! She is definitely one strong woman, but she scared the crap out of me when she ends up in the taxi with Claire.
~Finally we know where the children went. By why did the Other Others take them? I wonder if babies can be born in the Temple area of the Island unlike in Dharmaville.
~So, since Jacob gave Hurley the guitar case & their names were already written on the paper inside the ankh inside, does this mean Jacob knew that Ben would kill him because of the loophole created by Not John? Does this mean that Jacob is going to return somehow?
~And the paper says that if Sayid dies, they'll be in alot of trouble. Hmm......
~Did anyone else see a connection with how Sayid was positioned as he's brought out of the water in the Temple? My first thought was that Sayid looked like he was on a cross with the positioning on his body. Another connection with the Bible?
~How come Jack gave up so easily when doing CPR on Sayid when he fought & did CPR forever on Charlie? Did Sayid's resurrection need to be in it's own timing & without Jack's influence?
~Finally some understanding of the ash spread around different places. It was either to keep Not John (or whatever you want to call him) out of someplace (like now when the Other Others start spreading ashes around the temple) or when it was spread around the cabin in the woods. It wasn't Jacob inside that cabin, it was Not John!
~Not John tells Ben that he wants to go home. What or where is home? The temple?
~Another great quote, in the parallel timeline, at the airport when John tells Jack, "How would they know where he is? They didn't loose your father, they lost his body."
~Why was Richard in chains (Not John tells him that it's good to see him out of chains)? Wonder if there is some connection to the slavery in Egypt in the Old Testament & to Richard being in chains? Were they slaves of Not John at the Temple, but once they got Not John out, the Other Others were free & they are doing all they can to not let him back in?
~Sayid wakes up!!!!!!!! I believe that Jacob is being manifested as Sayid just like the man in black is being manifested as Not John. What do you think?
~That's all for this week. Can't wait for the next new episode! I'd love to hear your thoughts & theories on anything I've written about or something you think I might have missed.

There's my thoughts for what it's worth. Tune in next week for LOST 6X03 "What Kate Does".


  1. I thought the same thing about John being the same, not opposite like everyone else until I watched again and realized that he described his walkabout and I thought maybe that was his opposite, he was able to go on the walkabout, unlike the first time.

  2. @Cheryl // I think John was lying about going on the walkabout. I think he was trying to save face instead of telling another person he is paralyzed.

  3. I think the reference to Richard being in chains was "not-John"'s way of saying Richard pretty much did anything and everything Jacob told them to like chains of bondage to Jacob..... know what I mean? just my thought...

    this show is wild! :)


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