Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Damaris & School

You can read the first part of what's going on here - http://javapurl.blogspot.com/2008/09/change-is-coming.html We had a meeting yesterday afternoon with the instructional coordinator (assistant principal) & the principal about putting Damaris into traditional school in the spring. The school meeting went well. They gave us a tour of the school. I took Damaris' 3rd grade grades & her 4th grade grades thus far to them. They said that based on her grades, she should do fine on the testing & be able to be in the 4th grade. She is having one test next Wednesday the 15th & the other one on Wednesday the 22nd. Then we'll meet again to discuss the results. After that, I'll be able to observe the classrooms & they even suggested that once we decide on which class she'll be in, that Damaris come up and meet the teachers & the kids in the class she'll be in. I filled out a boatload of paperwork this evening that I'll take to them next week. Damaris was overwhelmed with the size of the school, but she liked that she got to see where she'll be going to school. After we left the school & went to run some errands, she couldn't stop talking about it all. I think she'll do well. Please pray for her as she does the testing. Pray for God's will to be done in where she should be placed. Pray now for the teachers who will be teaching her & the students she will be learning with. Pray for Russ & I as we adjust to this new part of our lives.


  1. Hey CC,
    I was just curious as to what led to this decision. I am excited for you family and will be praying for all parties involved in this process and change! Miss you all!

  2. Damaris will do just fine! I will be praying for the adjustments ahead!!! As for observing the classroom, make sure you look at the combo of kiddos as well to see which ones would be more accepting to Damaris. I know this is tough, but prayers are coming your way!!!

  3. Hey girlie, you know you all are in my prayers daily. I think it will be just fine! Hugs!

  4. She will do great and you will be amazed at the changes you see in her. She will grow in all areas. How exciting about the hospital chaplain thing - I work at a hospital and the chaplains are great!


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