Friday, February 15, 2013

The Post In Which There's Something Old & Something New

Well, now that the move to Scotland is decided (if you missed that big announcement, click here to see it), we've been sorting through boxes to discover what we can get rid of, what we can sell, what we want to keep, etc.

As Damaris & I did some sorting today, we ran across a picture frame with a picture of Damaris and an audio recording of her saying her full name & her age of 2 years old. I saved it into a video so that we'd be able to keep it.

We also happened onto my wedding dress & veil. Damaris begged to try them on. I told her she has a long time to go until she can even think about getting married. LOL!

Just thought I'd share this something old & something new with yall. :)
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  1. Demaris looks pretty good in that wedding dress,!! How old is she now? LOL I don't know how long you've been married but that dress looks new, you've kept it well. That IS in the "keep" group, right?

  2. Thanks Janet! She's 13 now. :) We've been married for almost 15.5 years. Yes, it's definitely in the keep group especially since she says she might want to wear it when she gets married. <3


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