Friday, September 7, 2012

The Post in Which I'm Graceful

Linking up today with Five Minute Friday where you write for 5 minutes about the word for today and then publish without editing or perfecting.

Today's word:


that's not a word I would ever have chosen to describe myself.
Prone to stick my foot in my mouth
Not knowing when to shut up
Tripping over my own two feet
Those words more accurately describe me.

But then, almost 5 years ago, I had the word grace tattooed on my inner right wrist.

And something changed...

I'm still clumsy
I'm still prone to stick my foot in my mouth
I still don't know when to shut up
I still trip over my own two feet

But, then I glance at my wrist
and I see that word

And I am reminded
that He extends grace to me
that He extends grace to others
that others extend grace to me
that I extend grace to others
that I MUST extend grace to myself

So, graceful
Yes, that does describe me
even when my foot is in my mouth
or I've tripped over my own two feet for the umpteen zillionth time

full of grace
extending grace
receiving grace
giving myself grace


What about you? What do you have to say about GRACEFUL in 5 minutes? If you link up, let me know. I'd love to read your post.
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  1. A beautiful take on "graceful"... and I can't think of a better word for a tattoo. A big thanks for this post from another person who tends to trip over her own feet and doesn't know when to shut up! :)

  2. Thank you for your post. Such a great perspective on the word graceful. Yes, stumbling and bumbling our way along seeking grace, taking grace, and extending grace all along our journey. Great tattoo!

    P.S. My wife also suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic illness. She was diagnosed with fibro in 2007 and then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last year. She's been on the Savella for the fibro for a while now and it has helped quite a bit. Hoping you find some relief with it. Every blessing.

  3. Great post! We all need these reminders.


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