Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday ~ 2/19/12


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You've got to love after holiday sales. Went to Target today & got a couple of cute things for 70% off! Wahoo!

It's really hard to move in the rain. So grateful for amazing friends who helped even though it was pouring rain!

I'm so in love with Chick-Fil-A's new grilled chicken nuggets!!! I think it's wonderful that more restaurants are offering gluten free options.

Figure this one out: when the to post office to get a p.o. box and was told we couldn't get one because we didn't have proof of local address. Now, if I had a local address, what would the probability be that I would want to get a p.o. box for personal use? Strangeness!!!!!!

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  1. Seriously? You can't get a PO address?? That's just odd. I've never really had to think about it because the military just gives us an APO box whenever we PCS. What are people who move supposed to do then??

    Totally jealous of your Target pretties. I bet it looks great!

  2. I know, it is insane! We went to The UPS Store and got a box there instead (that's the address I sent you).

    I'll have to take pics of my Target pretties and post them on InstaFriday. :)


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