Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Shower for Wyatt

So, almost a month ago, we had a baby shower for my nephew Wyatt. He is due to be born in about 2 weeks to my sister Carrie and brother-in-law J.R. I finally got all the pictures (my mom took some and Damaris and I took some) organized. Thought yall might enjoy them. As you'll notice, Lola, Wyatt's big sister, was quite the helper with the gifts.

Do you have a special or funny memory from a baby shower you've been the honoree at, that you've attended, or that you've hosted? What I remember from the shower that friends hosted before Damaris was born is that I was swollen so much, I couldn't get my shoes on. Russ had to go buy me some slip-on shoes like 3.5 sizes bigger than my normal size. And they weren't pretty either! LOL! At least my feet went back down to almost normal, just .5 size larger than before I got pregnant. What about you?


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