Friday, November 25, 2011

A Week of Thanksgiving - Picture This Memory

I am linking up with Lil Kid Things in posting a week of Thanksgiving posts. I can't believe it's already the last day of this link up. It's been such a blessing to spend time reflecting and writing about things I'm thankful for. For today, I want to write about picturing this memory.

I can't remember exactly when or how it happened, but I have become the repository of family pictures. And I love it!!!!! You see, I had albums and file folders and envelopes and all kind of other containers of pictures. And rarely ever looked at them. So I slowly began scanning them and saving them in my Picasa account. I loved that I was able to file them by date and/or event and/or whatever I wanted too. My mom began sending me pictures she took and/or scanned in and then my sister did too. Also got some from my mother in law. I just gave them all the link to my Picasa page and they could download what they wanted. It also made it easy to find a needed picture. I also enjoy frequent trips down memory lane because of storing my pictures this way.

So, when I thought about what I wanted to write about for the last day of this link up, my thoughts went pretty quickly to pictures. I started to look through the pictures from this year and within 15 minutes had chosen 30 of them I could share for yall in the collage above. I was taken from laughter to tears to smiles. Such memories came instantly to mind with each picture. I am thankful that I can take a journey down memory lane whenever I want to because of pictures like these. And I am thankful I can share them with you.

Thanks for spending this week with me as I reflected on Thanksgiving! I hope your week was also full of special people and memories that made you thankful. Until next time,

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