Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Week of Thanksgiving - In Sickness

I am linking up with Lil Kid Things in posting a week of Thanksgiving posts. For today, I want to write about in sickness.

Just over 14 years ago, Russ and I stood together before God, our family, and our friends and vowed, among other things, to have and to hold each other from this day forward in sickness as well as in health. Little did we know what those 14 years would have in store for us.

It began shortly after we married. Looking back on things now, I would have never chosen to take the prescription medication that I did. It wreaked complete and total havoc on my body and we believe has been the instigator of my health issues. It started with thyroid problems and polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos). I was having surgery for the pcos when they discovered my appendix was rupturing. I had infertility problems. I've had three miscarriages. I had an emergency c-section to deliver Damaris. I had my gallbladder removed. I had a breast cancer scare which included having two masses removed. I was diagnosed with depression. I started having migraines. I messed up my knee. I had another cancer scare. I had three other surgeries. I developed fibromyalgia and we are in the midst of this now, trying to discover if I can live a so called normal life or if disability is in store for me, for us.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my husband would have to take care of me the way he has had to and continues to. I cannot even begin to explain to you everything he does for me. He works a full-time job and then comes home and cares for me. I honestly don't know how he does it all. Fourteen years after that vow was made, he still is as committed to it as he was the day he made it.

Russell Lane Almon, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for your love, your care, your compassion, your gentle heart, your kind soul. I still do - even in sickness. I love you Bubba!


  1. You are the most beautiful, amazing, faith-filled, and courageous person I know. Thank you for being my wife...and for taking care of me.

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