Friday, June 19, 2009

Turning Points

Our friend Scott wrote a very interesting blog entry earlier this week. He's been reading a book called "List Your Self: Listmaking as the Way to Self-Discovery: A Provocative, Probing and Personal Expedition Into Your Mind, Heart, and Soul”. The list he shared in his blog entry is the biggest turning points in his life. I thought I would make my list to share with yall.

The Biggest Turning Points in My Life

  • 1983 - when I made my decision to become a follower of Christ

  • 1997 - when I married the love of my life, Russell

  • 1998 - when our first child, Jordan Taylor, was born into heaven because of miscarriage

  • 1999 - when our princess girl, Damaris, was born

  • 2001 - when our child, Micah Jayden, was born into heaven because of miscarriage; also the year that I finally finished my Bachelor's degree

  • 2003 - when we had our precious girl, Kerioth, live with us for such a short time, we had planned to adopt her, but things did not work out the way we had planned

  • 2004 - when our child, Noah Avrey, was born into heaven because of miscarriage

  • 2005 - when we realized just how much many Christians truly hate and despise other Christians to the point of telling numerous lies about our family & trying to destroy our family

  • 2007 - when we moved to Abilene for Russ to get his M.Div. degree, I had no desire to return to school, but God has other ideas, it was this year that He called me to chaplaincy as a life vocation

  • 2008 - when I was finally able to forgive someone who had hurt me so badly that the situation almost destroyed me

  • 2009 - when our church family here in Abilene affirmed my call to ministry by ordaining me as a minister; still ahead this year is graduating with my Master of Divinity degree & begin my clinical residency as a hospital chaplain

  • What about you? What are your turning points? If you share, let me know here on my blog so I can come read your list.

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