Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday

How can it be February already, wasn't it just New Year's yesterday??
I've been sick this weekend with a sore throat & laryngitis.
Russ thinks it's quite funny to tell me to "speak up" when I have no voice.
Not having a voice tends to happen about once a year.
This year, I resorted to sending Russ IM's when I wanted to tell him something even when we were in the same room.
He thought it was funny to tell me to "type louder".
Damaris got in on the action & all 3 of us were IM'ing each other while we were all in the same room.
That's the quietest our house has ever been. LOL!
I won a Starbucks gift card from a contest on Abby's blog.
I'm not a big Starbucks person (I make my own coffee usually), so any suggestions on a drink I should try at Starbucks?
I'm thankful for the 3 women who showed up this morning to help me put together a Lent/Easter curriculum for our church kiddos.
Damaris & I did a yoga session on Friday.
Hoping to do that at least once a week.
Went for a massage on Wednesday - fabulous! And it really helped with my back and shoulder pain.
So I plan to try to go once a week for a 30 minute session.
On to week 5 of school starting tomorrow.
Have a blessed week yall!

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  1. You could just send *me* that Starbucks card. I assure you that I'd take good care of it! I can hear a Triple Grande non-fat, no-whip mocha calling my name!

    Hope you're feeling better!


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