Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thrills, Chills, and Spills

I'm writing to you now from the well known town of Carlsbad, New Mexico. Well, I thought it was well known until I ran into several people in the couple of weeks before our move who had no clue where Carlsbad is. I thought that the Caverns were more well known, but maybe not. Who knew? Anyway, we're here, we're unpacked, we're settled in.

And then came the thrills, chills, and spills!!!!!

The thrill, it looks like Russ has a job. He had a long interview this afternoon. He has to "jump through the hoops", but as long as that goes ok, things should go positively. We'll share more details as soon as we can.

The chill, well, it's quite literally a chill. The weather here in New Mexico has been so much cooler than Houston. And the humidity that was so oppressive in Houston is pretty much none existent here in Carlsbad. And the rain we got over the weekend made it chilly enough that Damaris and I needed sweaters. I'm holding onto hope that I'll be able to wear my long sleeved shirts and my scarves soon!

And finally, the spill, was also quite literal. I went to the store with my mom yesterday morning to pick up a few things we needed to have tacos for lunch with the whole family (that is, my mom and dad, Russ, Damaris, and I, and my sister Carrie, brother-in-law J.R., and niece Lola, and my nephew Wyatt but he won't make his grand debut until December). We had finished shopping and were headed out to the van. One of the store employees was helping us out to the van because neither my mom nor I could lift the flats of water we had purchased. I was walking just behind them towards the front door. Next thing I knew, I heard a crash and realized I was on the ground. We figured out that there was a good sized water puddle on the floor that no one had seen. I must have stepped right into it, slipped, and fell right to the ground. It took me a few minutes before I could get up. The store took a report and I declined being taken to the hospital via ambulance. I still am pretty sore. I thought I might have fractured my wrist but it seems like I just tweaked it a bit as well as a mild sprain to my left ankle. Other than that, I have bumps and bruises. I definitely do not want to repeat this spill.

Thanks for joining me for this episode of Thrills, Chills, and Spills. Join me again next time.... LOL! OK, I had to do it. Doesn't that sound like one of those old superhero shows where they have the *crash* *bang* *pow* on the screen? :)

Until next time,


  1. CC--so glad to hear about Russ potential job and the great weather yall are having! So happy for yall! And good luck with getting over your spill my secret weapon is IcyHot! : )

  2. Hey there! So glad things are looking up for the most part....bummer about the spill though. Looking forward to hearing more on the job front...I do know where Carlsbad is - GREAT little town!!!
    My recent post Putting it into perspective!

  3. Thanks Lauren! My secret weapon is Arnica gel. Have you ever tried it? It's amazing!!!!! :)

  4. If yall are ever out this way, give us a shout. :) We'll update about the job as soon as we can.

  5. Oh dear, the great news is your husbands job though. Hooray, Ice and rest for you....and tacos


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