Friday, June 17, 2011

The Very Pink of Perfection

I have been following the blog Young House Love for quite some time. I look forward almost daily to seeing what new project they are working on, what new mood board they have come up with, what baby Clara is up to, pretty much anything they post instantly draws me in.

Their blog post for today was talking about design tv, specifically about HGTV shows. When I saw this picture from Emily Henderson's Secrets From a Stylist, I immediately fell in love with almost all of it!

Nix the mirror (I actually don't mind the mirror, just the frame it is in) and the dog and you had me at hello. The pink dining room table, the floral drapes, the pendant light over the table, the vase and flowers, the wallpaper. I'm in love! The only thing I might change is the dining room chairs. I like them, but I wonder how it would look if they were chocolate brown. I love to mix pink and chocolate brown together.

The moment I saw the picture, I sent it to Russ in an email with the subject line of "I Need This!!!!!". His response was "Oh my...I don't know... :-\ ". I responded back to him, "But it's so beautiful & it's so me!!!!!". We later discussed it and made a deal. If we move to Colorado and he gets his own office, I can have whatever I want. So, I will be working on that post haste! Anyone who can help speed things along can have unlimited free Mexican food dinners in that amazing pink dining room!


  1. oh I can see the lure of the pink table for sure~~~~ lOve the deal you made with hubby

  2. We'll see if I can get us moved to Colorado or not. LOL! ^_^


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