Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello Houston!

We made it safely to Houston yesterday afternoon. We unloaded the extremely full Uhaul truck into our sweet friends garage. They are so wonderful to allow the three of us to move into their full household of 6 people while we wait a week for our apartment to be ready. The plan is to reload a Uhaul truck on Friday and move the 2ish miles down the road to our apartment. The real struggle is going to be getting everything up the three, yes 3!, flights of stairs to our apartment. I have to go to deal with some of the human resources stuff for my new job tomorrow morning & then we need to get Damaris enrolled in school tomorrow as well. Russ also plans to start looking for a job in the next couple of days.

One huge change that we're adjusting to is the humidity. We're used to the dry heat, so it's a big deal for us to deal with all this humidity. After we finished unloading the Uhaul yesterday, we were all soaking wet from the sweat which was a new experience. LOL!

Another thing that has kind of cracked me up is looking at the weather radar map on my Weatherbug. We've never lived anywhere where when you bring up the radar map, you see the blue of water on the screen. I hope we can take Damaris to visit the ocean soon.

OK, it's after 10:30pm & we have a busy day tomorrow. Need to get adjusted to a new sleep schedule, but it's hard when you just want to stay up after the kiddos are in bed & catch up with friends. Thanks for the prayers & words of support & encouragement as we continue on this journey. Good night friends!

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