Sunday, November 2, 2008

Overwhelm Me

This morning in worship, we talked about the cyclic nature of our lives and the valleys and mountaintops we inevitably go through. We sang this beautiful and poignant song that I had never heard before. I want to share the lyrics with you. The song is called "Overwhelm Me".

Take not Thy presence from me
for I desire to know You more
For you are worthy of all,
You’re worthy of all I am and more
I need to set my mind on things above,
on the holiness and glory of my God
In the heavens and in my heart
Who created a mountain
And Who set a spark that grew into a flame
that burns deeply for You

Overwhelm me Take me from this place and
put me in the place where You are
Overwhelm me Shake the ground I stand on
I want to be dependent on You…on only You.

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