Monday, November 10, 2008

Damaris' First Day of School

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each of you who prayed for Damaris today on her first day of public school. We were pretty nervous about it especially since Damaris made herself sick with worry yesterday afternoon/evening. Russ had to be at work early, early, early, so I got up & took him so I could have the car to take Damaris to school. I surprised her with breakfast out at McDonald's before school started. We got to the school about 7:30 and had to finish up some paperwork. I had promised Damaris I wouldn't leave from taking her until she was ready for me to leave. I sat with her until the first bell rang and the assistant principal said I could walk her back to her classroom. She was really clinging to me and I was afraid she was not going to want to stay. We got back to the classroom and her teacher was there as well as one of the girls she had met on the field trip last week. I talked to her teacher for a minute and then asked Damaris if it was ok for me to go. She said yes, so I slipped out. I had class at 9 and got there a bit early like normal. A couple of guys were sitting in the classroom working on stuff and asked how I was and I started sobbing and trying to explain. They were so sweet to listen to me. The 3 hours of class made me have to focus on something else so that was good. Russ & I got to the school about 2:40 as I had to take some more paperwork in that I had forgotten this morning. We waited for her to get out at 3:00. We saw her teacher first and she said that she had done wonderful, acting as if she had always been in the class. That calmed me some. We finally saw her walking out at the very end of the class line. She was smiling and talking to a friend as she came outside. She came up and gave me a huge hug. We got into the car and she started telling us about the day. She said it went very well. She had two things of homework plus 30 minutes of reading to do. She said there were a few things she didn't know throughout the day, but she got help and made it through. So we're off and running. Hopefully the rest of the days will go this smoothly. Please continue to pray for her adjustment, our adjustment, and for the students and teachers at her school. Pray for her to make some really good friends because that's what she needs most right now.


  1. Awww - she looks so cute! I am glad to hear it went well for Damaris today. Thanks for sharing and allowing us (PWs) the privilege of walking alongside and praying for you both. Denise

  2. I am so glad that she did awesome. Prayers are still coming your way :)


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