Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Would You Do?

If you're in e-mail groups with me, you might have already responded to these questions, but looking for advice, so thought a blog post might elicit some response :-)

Any suggestions for how to deal with a nail biter? Damaris (almost 9 years old) has bitten her nails for as long as I can remember. She'll go through phases when she won't, but she's back to biting again and she's bitten them so much that her hands are all torn up and her fingers tender. Any suggestions for what to do? We've tried the nasty tasting stuff you paint on as well as making her wear gloves or socks on her hands. I don't know what else to try.

And, Damaris will be 9 in about 3 weeks. We have never before had a problem coming up with ideas for a birthday party for her, but this year, we are stumped. Any suggestions for a birthday party for a 9 year old???

Thanks for any thoughts you can provide.


  1. Do you have a CiCi's Pizza near you? It is alot of fun to go there for the pizza buffet and it's rather inexpensive. The kids can eat what they want.. you can do the bd party there!!!

  2. I bit my nails all my life, and came across a thought from Louise Hay. She is kind of new agey but I was able to understand the way she put it. This may be hard for a 9 year old to grasp but I think you could work with it a little.
    Louise said that biting your nails is like chewing away at your self. That thought helped me with my problem. Good luck, I know your daughter's problem concerns you.

  3. I was a nailbiter for most of my life. I tried - and failed - to quit. But nothing would work. One day my Grandfather told me that he was a nailbiter until he dated a beautician. She started to help him care of his hands (he was a welder - can you imagine the dirt??). She told him to moisturize daily and always have a nail file. Once I started that I never had supershort nails again. Yes, I will still bit on subconciously, but on the whole I don't consider myself a nailbiter. Avon ;-) carries some of my favorite nail grooming kits. No polish...that makes my nails peel and then I bite them.
    Hope that helps!

  4. I was a nail biter as a kid and my mom told me that hands were something people noticed and is that how I wanted to be noticed? By having torn up nails that looked like stubs? Kinda harsh, but it worked. She would let me put light pink polish on and once I saw how pretty my hands were getting I never bit them again. Everybody's different, though, not sure if it would work for her.

  5. My husband used to bite his nails when I first married him. It would bother the heck out of me when he would bite. I just kept after him. He finally told me he did not know why he bit his nails. It maybe because he was worried about something. He had alot on his mind. You wouldn't think, but maybe something is bothering her with the schoolwork at home or something. Just talk with her and ask her truthfully is something is bothering her. It maybe like pulling teeth from a donkey but keep digging. It will come out.


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