Thursday, April 16, 2015


It's been a wee bit since we've travelled in our new neck of the woods. Our travels this time took us to Nottingham, England. The Hubs had been selected to present a paper at the Society for the Study of Theology's annual conference, so Damaris and I tagged along for a wee family holiday. His paper was titled "Perichoresis, postmodernism, and pietism: the peril and promise of Stanley J. Grenz’s Trinitarian revisioning of evangelical ecclesiology". I'm sure if you're interested in this, he'd be happy to discuss it with you. ;-)

The Hubs spent most of his time at the conference, but he did sneak away for a visit to Nottingham Castle. Meanwhile, Damaris and I found a local yarn shop (we needed souvenir yarn of course!) and had pedicures. We enjoyed our leisurely walks through city centre, played loads of games, and drank lots and lots of coffee.

Who would have imagined a year ago that I'd be able to go on a trip like this and actually walk around the city? I'm so thankful and grateful for how my health has improved in the almost 2 years that we've been living in Scotland. I'm even venturing out on my own for a trip to London in May (I'm vending with my JavaPurl Designs patterns at a yarn festival with my dear friend Sam who lives in London). Pics of that coming after the trip.

So now, on to the photos of Nottingham:

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