Monday, April 21, 2014

Being Tourists in Edinburgh

Our friend Kate came to visit us last weekend. She was in London for work and then took the train up to visit us here in Edinburgh. We took advantage of her visit to play tourists. We visited our favourite local yarn shop, Ginger Twist Studio, the Conan Doyle Pub, the Sherlock Holmes statue, one of several double wide blue Police Boxes (as any good Whovian would do), Edinburgh Castle, and a final stop at Starbucks. It was a fast and furious time together, but we had much fun (other than the bitter cold and sharp wind that almost did us all in).

Here's some pictures from the day:

In addition, if you watch the most recent episode of Geeky Girls Knit, the video podcast that Damaris and I co-host, you will find our discussion of the day beginning at 22:16 and videos from the day beginning at 24:04.

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