Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fibromyalgia Rights

A friend sent me this list of Fibromyalgia rights. I am so grateful that Russ and Damaris are so understanding and do not look at these items as rights, but as me being a part of the family. However, I know there are others with fibromyalgia who struggle to be loved and understood by their families so I wanted to share this in the hopes that it will benefit others.

Fibromyalgia Rights
People in this house with Fibromyalgia shall have the following rights:
The right not to be patronized.
The right not to be dismissed as a nut job.
The right to refrain on occasion from family and social activities without guilt.
The right to have assistance for domestic chores in the home.
The right to stay in bed for a day without guilt.
The right to take our prescribed medication without somebody thinking or saying "you are addicted".
The right to vent once in a while without accusation.
The right to be happy without having this being misinterpreted as "you're feeling better"
The right to change our minds, without guilt, about going somewhere or doing something because we aren't as capable as we first thought.
The right to be unique and distinct, even in comparison to other people with this condition.
Most of all: The right to be believed when we say how we really feel.

(Of course these are not rights, but they are requests) ~ Author Unknown

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