Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Favorite Recipe

I must confess that this recipe is not original to me. My dear friend Rebekah gave me this recipe & it has quickly become a favorite in our house. We've even made 2 crockpots of it for our small group & they loved it too. You can adapt it to your family's tastes & leftovers are pretty yummy too!

Crockpot Pizza

1 box Rotini (spiral noodles)
1 pkg Pizza cheese (buy the already shredded, it's easier)
Pizza sauce (I use 2 jars, but my friend uses 3-4 jars - it’s about the equivalent of a normal size jar of spaghetti sauce)
Pepperoni (we use turkey pepperoni or sometimes Canadian bacon instead)
1 lb Ground beef or Italian sausage (we use ground turkey & I've made my portion of it before with Morningstar Meat Crumbles since I'm eating vegetarian now)
Garlic (optional, we don't use it)
Anything else you would normally put on your favorite pizza (onions, black olives, peppers, etc…)

Prepare noodles according to pkg instructions. Saute garlic and then brown ground meat.

Layer in crock-pot: sauce (it keeps the noodles from sticking the bottom), noodles, meat, pepperoni (and any other toppings), cheese, sauce, noodles, meat, toppings, cheese, etc… until all ingredients are gone.

Cook for 30 minutes and then switch to warm until you’re ready to eat. If you cook it too long, the sauce will start to stick to the sides.

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