Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ankle Socks (Magic Loop Method)

Ankle Socks - Magic Loop Method (Christine's Pattern)
Made for Me!
Needle - US 8 circular needle
Yarn - Knit Picks Merino Style in Petal
Started and Completed in March, 2008
My first attempt at socks and my first attempt at using the Magic Loop Method. I’m in LOVE!!!!!


  1. You did so great!!! WONDERFUL first sock!

  2. I love your socks! Can you knit me some?

  3. Yeah I think the 100 day challenge is neat so go for it and I will read every day if I can. The socks are really cute. I like them.

    The job would be 80 in two weeks not 80 in one week. I am really hoping that I get it though will see. Take care. Blessings.

  4. Thanks for the Sunday paper tip! I am going to have to go through it now and look :)

    The socks look so cool! Awesome job!

  5. Ok, so I'm doing my first pair of socks with magic loop but I haven't been able to find any instructions on how to do the heel flap. All I can find is instructions for 4dpn, 5dpn, and 2 circs!


  6. LOVE the socks! I'll bet they are soft. That is a really cute pattern. But what is Magic Loop?

  7. @Lori B. - Magic Loop is a method of knitting using a circular needle, but you pull the cording of the needles through part of the stitches so that you are able to knit a smaller item like socks in the round without having to use double-pointed needles.

  8. Yeah for you, C.C. I'm keeping up with your blog. Where are you going to sem? LOVE the pink socks!! I am going to have to break down and try some...

  9. @BethAnn - I go to seminary at Logsdon Seminary (part of Hardin-Simmons University) in Abilene, TX. My blog from Friday, 4/4 talks more about that.


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